McGarrigle Co-Sponsors Medical Cannabis Legislation

Harrisburg – State Senator Tom McGarrigle (R-26) said today that he is co-sponsoring legislation to allow physicians to provide medical cannabis to patients in Pennsylvania.

McGarrigle said Senate Bill 3 has 25 co-sponsors with bipartisan support. Identical legislation passed the Senate by an overwhelming vote in the previous session.

Senate Bill 3 would allow patients who have a recommendation from their doctor to purchase and use medical cannabis from centers licensed by a to-be-created State Board of Medical Cannabis Licensing.  The entire process would be regulated by licensing:  medical cannabis growers, processors and dispensers.  Smoking is prohibited.

“In a controlled manner, medical cannabis has been shown to provide relief to children with extreme seizure disorders, as well as patients suffering from other health conditions,” McGarrigle said.  “Pennsylvania’s prohibition on the use of medical cannabis serves to deny the sick and vulnerable relief from pain and suffering that is impeding their health and seriously impacting their quality of life.”

Senator McGarrigle joined the bill’s sponsor, Senator Mike Folmer (R-48), and other supporters at a Harrisburg news conference to announce the reintroduction of the legislation. Currently, 21 states and the District of Columbia have similar laws.

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