Senator McGarrigle Embarks on Listening Tour

Springfield – State Senator Tom McGarrigle (R-26) had his first in a series of stops along his “Listening Tour” that will have him meeting with various members of the community in the 26th district to discuss what the State can do to be a better partner for our communities. Throughout the tour Senator McGarrigle will be meeting with a number of groups including; municipal leaders, small business owners, non-profit groups, school superintendents, police, and fire/EMT groups. The tour will be capped off with a Telephone Town Hall in which all residents of the 26th Senate District will be able to join Senator McGarrigle on a conference call.

According to Senator McGarrigle, “I approach each of these meetings with an open mind, a pad of paper and no agenda. I have been elected by the constituents of the 26th District to serve them, these meetings are a great opportunity for me to receive feedback from community leaders and constituents on what issues I can help them resolve.”

The first meeting was held in Springfield with the 26th District municipal leaders. Discussion circled around pensions, grant proposals and waste water services. Senator McGarrigle noted, “The municipalities are the first and closest touch the government has with the residents, it is important that the State work closely and cooperatively with these offices to ensure a high quality of life for our residents.”

The meetings will run through the next few weeks, culminating in a telephone town hall meeting. “I’m very much looking forward to the townhall conference call. I have been elected to the senate to be a public servant to the constituents of the 26th district, these tele-townhalls are the most efficient way of reaching out to nearly every resident of the district at once to receive their feedback as well as provide them with updates.“ Additional information on the telephone town hall will be forthcoming.

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