McGarrigle Committee Approves Study of Evidence-Based Decision Making in State Government

Harrisburg – Legislation that would explore the use of evidence-based decision making in Pennsylvania government was approved today by the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee, chaired by Senator Tom McGarrigle (R-26).

Senate Resolution 294 (Stefano) directs the Joint State Government Commission (JSGC) to conduct the study. Evidence-based decision making utilizes the best available research and data on programs to guide public officials in determining whether to expand, eliminate or modify certain government programs. The JSGC would issue a report on the study to the Senate within 18 months of the adoption of the resolution.

The study would include a comprehensive review and analysis of the existing evidence-based program registries available, the standards of evidence used by each and an assessment of the strengths and limitations of each.

“At a time when government must do more with less, it is vital that we develop metrics to evaluate what works and what does not, so that scarce resources can be allocated based on hard data, not assumptions or past practice,” said McGarrigle.

The committee also approved Senate Resolution 365 (Brewster) urging the President and Congress to fight for strong enforcement of U.S. trade laws to support and protect the domestic steel industry from unfair foreign competition.

Both measures now go to the full Senate for consideration.

Video of today’s committee meeting can be viewed here.

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