McGarrigle Calls for Halt in Mariner East 2 Construction in Wake of Beaver Co. Pipeline Explosion

Harrisburg –State Senator Tom McGarrigle (R-26) today called for a halt in construction of the Mariner East 2 pipeline in Delaware County until community safety could be assured.

“I believe that Energy Transfer Corp. should halt construction of the Mariner East 2 pipeline until the cause of the explosion of its pipeline in Beaver County is investigated, and the safety of our residents can be assured,” McGarrigle said.

“In addition to causing great concerns among residents in the early morning hours, the Beaver County blast destroyed one home, prompted the evacuation of up to 30 others, forced the cancelation of class at nearby schools, shut down an interstate highway, and caused power lines to fall on nearby roads,” McGarrigle said. “Although there have been no reported injuries, this was a significant incident.”

“We have highly skilled pipeline workers in our area, and this project is creating good jobs for them. Everyone agrees that safety must come first. Therefore, I believe a pause in local pipeline work is the most prudent course of action,” McGarrigle said.

Senator McGarrigle is a co-sponsor of several bills to improve pipeline safety, including:

  • Senate Bill 373 — Pipeline Construction and Operations Commission
  • Senate Bill 1017 — Pipeline Impact Water Resources Protection Act
  • Senate Bill 1028 — Mandatory Study Requirement
  • Senate Bill 1027 – Community Notification Requirements
  • Senate Bill 929 — Pipeline Emergency Response Fund
  • Senate Bill 928 — Stronger Pipeline Siting Review Process
  • Senate Bill 931 — Automatic or Remote Control Safety Valves
  • Senate Bill 930 — Pipeline Emergency Notification

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