Safety and Security in our Schools

I want to hear from you.

Like millions of Americans across the country, I am horrified at the repeated incidents of school shootings. It’s become clear that people who intend to harm others have identified schools as targets. We cannot allow such heinous acts of violence to continue. 

I have met with local school superintendents and they agreed that the voices of students and parents need to be heard on this critical issue. 

We are soliciting feedback and recommendations to take back to Harrisburg to push legislation to increase the security and safety in our schools. 

We are also looking for a way to pay for this implementation and do not want to stress already financially burdened school districts. 

I’m one person. But I am going to do what I can on the state level to fundamentally change our state’s thinking on this issue.  I ask parents and teachers to join me in doing what you can. 

Please share your thoughts below. I want to hear from you.

Safety and Security in Our Schools

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